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Cloud Technology - Looking in the future

Lot of time Software consistency fail due to repetitive Problems like Harddisk Failure, Software Crash, Virus Attack, System No booting and many more issues like these, make your Business ineffectual.
We offer you Virus Free, Installation Free, Platform Free and Backup Free Technology. AccounGST is build on future Cloud based Platform and capable to offer you consistent and Stable IT platform where you can put continuous Blocks of your Business Growth.

Presonal Desk Helper - 365 Days support

Customer can talk directly to Software Assistant. We understand your valuable time and we give instant Remote help. Our team always aspire Customer Satisfaction.

Offline Software - Expensive Setup Cost

Traditional Accounting Software is very expensive solution. Consider the cost of Server Machines, Microsoft Server Licensing, Microsoft CAL, Microsoft SQL Database Cost, And when you come to know that all License technology would be changed in the next 5 years, then it let you move on some other cost effective solution. is a Free source Language platform developed in PHP and MYSQL, giving you freedom from all such expenses. Facebook is also example of PHP.

Easy Branch Connectivty - Go for Expansion

Easy access to Multiple Branches. No Data Lost and 100 percent secure Technology in Branch Connectivity. Working with Traditional Software you might Plan lot of IT infrastructure to regulate Branch Connectivity and Data Transfer Process. The new Technology AccountGST,com gives Easy Branch Connectivity.. You will never need Internet firewalls, Leased Line, Branch Servers and Heavy IT maintenance Cost with this latest Technology.